CTM200 Report Messages

CTM Message Types

Decimal IDMessage NameMessage TypeMessage description
03$PMIDCypress Proprietary NMEAModem ID
04$PAIDCypress Proprietary NMEAAsset IDs
16$GPGLLStandard NMEAGPS NMEA GLL Geographic position, latitude / longitude message
19$POUTDCypress Proprietary NMEADigital Output States
20$PINDCypress Proprietary NMEADigital Input States
21$PINACypress Proprietary NMEAAnalog Input #1 status
22$PINACypress Proprietary NMEAAnalog Input #2 status
23$PINACypress Proprietary NMEAAnalog Input #3 status
24$PINACypress Proprietary NMEAAnalog Input #4 status
25$PINACypress Proprietary NMEAAnalog Input #5 status
26$PINACypress Proprietary NMEAAnalog Input #6 status
27$PINACypress Proprietary NMEAAnalog Input #7 status
28$PINACypress Proprietary NMEAAnalog Input #8 status
29$PNETDCypress Proprietary NMEADetailed Network status (output of RFSTATS)
30$PCTMCypress Proprietary NMEANetwork status
31$PDATACypress Proprietary NMEAWireless link TX/RX data count, proprietary NMEA message- $PDATA
32$PSNFCypress Proprietary NMEAStore and Forward messages
33$PWIFICypress Proprietary NMEAWifi Client Network status
34$PSIGCypress Proprietary NMEASignal Quality Message (output of RFSTATS)
35$PNETD1Cypress Proprietary NMEADetailed LTE dynamic Network parameters (output of RFSTATS)
36$PNETD2Cypress Proprietary NMEADetailed LTE static Network parameters (output of RFSTATS)
40 Cypress Proprietary BinaryDevice phone number, PAD Port/Type, serial port baud
80$GPGGAStandard NMEAGPS NMEA GGA Fix Data message- $GPGGA
82$GPRMCStandard NMEAGPS NMEA RMC Recommended minimum specific GPS/Transit data message
83$GPVTGStandard NMEAGPS NMEA VTG Track made good and ground speed message
84$GPGSAStandard NMEAGPS NMEA GSA GPS DOP and active satellites message
85ULCPCypress Proprietary BinaryULCP binary format GPS data message
86ULCPCypress Proprietary BinaryULCP binary format GPS lat/lon message
88ULCPCypress Proprietary BinaryULCP binary format acceleration/decleration event data with GPS
89ULCPCypress Proprietary BinaryULCP binary format Modem ID/firmware revision/odometer data
90ULCPCypress Proprietary BinaryULCP binary format odometer data
92ULCPCypress Proprietary BinaryULCP binary format wireless Link TX/RX Data Count with Modem ID
93ULCPCypress Proprietary BinaryULCP binary message for panicreport (CTM-200 only)
97ULCPCypress Proprietary BinaryULCP binary format digital I/O with GPS (no events)
98ULCPCypress Proprietary BinaryULCP binary format digital input event data with GPS
99ULCPCypress Proprietary BinaryULCP binary format MIL status with number of DTC
100TAIP PVStandard TAIPGPS TAIP PV message
101TAIP LNStandard TAIPGPS TAIP LN message
111ULCPCypress Proprietary BinaryULCP binary format with msg 112, CID, RPM, fuel level, seatbelt, speed, rssi, sqi, accel, pdop
112ULCPCypress Proprietary BinaryULCP binary format modem ID with GPS
113ULCPCypress Proprietary BinaryULCP binary format digital input/output (IO), modem ID, with minimal GPS (time,lat/lon,validity) (CTM-200 only)
114$PGPSCypress Proprietary NMEAGPS with modem ID (based on RMC)
115$PKMLCypress Proprietary NMEANMEA Message for Google Earth application (kmlserver)
116$PPWRCypress Proprietary NMEAPower status
117$PRFICypress Proprietary NMEACDMA/EV-DO Network diagnostic report
118$GPGSVStandard NMEAGPS NMEA GSV GPS Satellites in view message
119$POBDACypress Proprietary NMEAOBD II Group A
120$POBDBCypress Proprietary NMEAOBD II Group B
121$POBDCCypress Proprietary NMEAOBD II Group C
122$POBDDCypress Proprietary NMEAOBD II Group D
123$POBDECypress Proprietary NMEAOBD II Group E (CTM-200 only)
124$POBDFCypress Proprietary NMEAOBD II Group F (CTM-200 only)
125$POBDGCypress Proprietary NMEAOBD II Group G (CTM-200 only)
126$POBDHCypress Proprietary NMEAOBD II Group H (CTM-200 only)
129$BTVEGVendor Properietary NMEAIntergraph's GPS message
135$PACCCypress Proprietary NMEAX/Y/Z Acceleration
136$PACCELCypress Proprietary NMEAAcceleration/Deceleration with Modem ID
137$PODOCypress Proprietary NMEAGPS Odometer with Modem ID
138$PACCEL2Cypress Proprietary NMEAAcceleration/Deceleration (2nd source) with Modem ID
139$PLACCELCypress Proprietary NMEALateral Acceleration with Modem ID (CTM-200 only)
140$PFUELCypress Proprietary NMEAFUEL ECONOMY with Modem ID (CTM-200 only)
141$PIDLECypress Proprietary NMEAIDLE TIME with Modem ID, proprietary NMEA message- $PIDLE (CTM-200 only)
142$PFUELRCypress Proprietary NMEAFUEL RATE(L/100Km) with Modem ID (CTM-200 only)
150$PMEXCypress Proprietary NMEAModbus Master Exception (CTM-200 only)
151$PMBMCypress Proprietary NMEAModbus slave device 1's state queried by Modbus Master (CTM-200 only)
152$PMBMCypress Proprietary NMEAModbus slave device 2's state queried by Modbus Master (CTM-200 only)
153$PMBMCypress Proprietary NMEAModbus slave device 3's state queried by Modbus Master (CTM-200 only)
154$PMBMCypress Proprietary NMEAModbus slave device 4's state queried by Modbus Master (CTM-200 only)
255ULCPCypress Proprietary BinaryULCP Custom Message- Flexible Format
255ULCPCypress Proprietary BinaryULCP Custom Message for spreader controllers (CTM-200 only)
X$PEVENTCypress Proprietary NMEATrigger/event message - $PEVENT (CTM-200 only)
X$PGRTCypress Proprietary NMEAGeo-Route alarm/alert message with Modem ID - $PGRT (CTM-200 only)
1000-1999$PCYPCypress Proprietary NMEAPCYP message
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