pwr sdwn a ddddd

Places the CTM-200 gateway into shutdown mode or minimum power mode (blinking power LED) based on the state of the gateway's standby signal (ignition).

a = 0disables the standby signal (ignition) event qualifier
a = 1enables the standby signal (ignition) event qualifier (default)
ddddd = 10 to 65535time in seconds for the standby signal (ignition) to be off for CTM to enter shutdown mode (default 10)



  1. Force the gateway to enter minimum power mode when the ignition has been inactive for 1 hr. The gateway will power back up when ignition has been turned on.
    cmd pwr sdwn 1 3600

See also: Power Management

Firmware revision 1.2.0_RC7(rev.1187)

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